The Fairhope Duck Pond: A Love Story

Fairhope Duck Pond

You may recognize these “Lovebirds” while visiting our Duck Pond North of the municipal pier.  They were known by many names depending on who you talked to.

But it was Carole Schneider who befriended the male goose over 10 years ago who formally named him “Garfield” and has been visiting nearly every day since – pictured here on her lap.

Garfield soon found his soulmate, later named “GG” for Garfield’s Girlfriend. As you may know, geese mate for life so they have been inseparable ever since.

When GG was injured recently, a valiant community effort took place between residents, Animal Control, Wildlife Solutions and Orange Beach Wildlife Center and Management Program, where she received excellent care. The lovebirds were separated for five long weeks and this has been a huge blow to Garfield who grieved as he had no idea what had happened and certainly GG as well who was in unfamiliar surroundings.

Sadly, her wound did not heal as we’d all hoped but since all treatment solutions have been exhausted, we all felt it was better to reunite Garfield and GG rather than keep them apart any longer.  And that reunion happened today!

Reunion Video Link

Among many friends, Garfield heard GG’s excited honking in her kennel.  The door opened and GG once again set foot on familiar ground, her home.  It was everything we all hoped for and more.  To see our community come together in support of our feathered friends is a testament to the kindness of the people who call Fairhope home.

Although we all hoped GG would be completely healed in her absence, we rejoice in the fact that Garfield and GG will have some quality time together before the future shows us what lies ahead.

Here they are tonight secured in a shelter to protect GG from predators while she continues to heal.  They will be taken out of the shelter during the day while it’s busy so please visit them while you enjoy your stroll around the Duck Pond.

Inspired by our caring citizens,

Mayor Karin Wilson


Garfield pictured here with Tracy Wilhelm, the Goose Whisperer!  He is a teacher at Foley Elementary and has been volunteering his time for the health and welfare of our domestic geese for the last 8 years.

More about Mayor Karin Wilson

6 thoughts on “The Fairhope Duck Pond: A Love Story

  1. Ashley Horsley

    Thank you for this inspirational story on aka, Buddy and Lucy.
    The Fairhope community, as well as others, have grown to love this bonded pair over the years.
    To see Buddy confused and distressed over the absence of his beloved, Lucy was heartbreaking., especially not knowing Lucy’s fate. But during her recovery, I was astonished to see the outpour of compassion, concern and love that our community and fellow followers were to Buddy. During my visits, I’ve met many followers, one as far away as Chicago, who started Buddy his own Facebook page.
    The geese renion, was a true testament of love. Thank you all involved with Lucy’s journey to recovery and dedication to making this day happen.


  2. Roni Moore

    Loved the story about Garfield and GG. Thanks for being a bright spot in my day! God bless…..


  3. Bev Ward

    And this is one of the reasons why after moving from Fairhope in ‘89, I moved back after retirement. Love this area!!


  4. Jewel Byrd

    Beautiful thing to hear. Carole is the real soul mate for Garfield. She is a Blessed and caring lady.


  5. Rita Garbacik

    Carole is a dear friend who brings all her snowbird friends to meet Garfield. What a treat. She is an animal lover from way back but especially a people lover. Jewel is right when she says Carole is Garfield’s ‘soul mate. Wonderful article and pictures.

    Rita Garbacik


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