State of the City 2018

I’m delighted to report that the State of the City is STRONG!

We wanted to liven up this year’s format and break down the facts in the level of detail you’d like to receive it.

1. A ~5 minute Video above of broad highlights from the last year

2. Department tabs online which will give you even more detail.

3. Comprehensive Annual Financial Report (CAFR)

2. A“by the numbers” info-graphic for each department below.

All these efforts are our way of providing myriad opportunities to communicate the State of the City in the way you want to receive information.

The City is in the best financial footing it has ever been.

In 2017 we separated the co-mingling of City and Utilities funds to better manage wasteful spending and identify new revenue streams. As a result, we were able to decrease expenditures by 7%, increase revenue by 12%, reduce utility transfers to the City general fund by $3.9 million, increase Cash account balances approximately $10MM (or ~24%), decrease City debt by 23% – with a 2020 goal to payoff completely, Utility debt reduced by over 10% – 2020 goal by 35%), and filled critical personnel needs due to a surging population growth. All while investing significantly to provide the quality level of infrastructure and municipal services Fairhope residents expect.


Future Fairhope

OUR PAST Understanding the Vision that Created Fairhope

OUR PRESENT Understanding Today’s Fairhope and the Area’s Impact

OUR FUTURE Enhancing and Preserving a Vision for Fairhope

LINK to full PDF of the Future Fairhope Booklet – hard copies available at all municipal facilities.


Fairhope was founded on a vision – We’re  on target for reclaiming it and we’re just getting started!

Mayor Karin Wilson

More about Mayor Karin Wilson

5 thoughts on “State of the City 2018

  1. Augusta

    Well done great information


  2. Richard Karkkainen

    Very nice!
    Good job Mayot Wilson!


  3. Julie

    Great information, thank you for all your efforts. Now, if our city councilmen would get on board.


  4. BobD.

    Thanks for the transparency !!


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