National Day of Prayer 2020 – May Prayer for You

On this National Day of Prayer, I pray for contentment.

This pandemic was unexpected. It was not in our plans, but we’ve learned how to sacrifice, change behaviors and plan differently.

Because I hear from so many, I know that some dwell in worry, point fingers and find things to complain about throughout the whole ordeal.

Then there are those you want to learn from. The ones who have faith, who are thankful in all things and have put themselves before others.

The worriers look at these people and believe their circumstances are worse than theirs because they live a grateful life. It’s because they don’t realize that these people are dealing with the same things. Maybe even worse off.

When we compare our world to the old world, we realize that we live in a time of abundance, of excess and the desire for immediate gratification. However, God wants us to be content even when you’re experiencing loss. Loss of health, loss of property, loss of a loved one.

In the Bible, we learn true contentment comes from accepting Christ and having faith that in Him you will have everything you need. For we brought nothing into the world, and we can take nothing out of it.
We also learned how Paul found contentment while imprisoned. To not be able to find contentment in our current circumstances would make us seem … well, spoiled.

But it has been challenging to change our routines…to change our behavior for something we don’t fully understand.

Imprisonment is without freedom. No entertainment, no access to social media, Netflix, the many things that we take for granted if we find ourselves feeling imprisoned. The act of being content regardless of our situation is a practice. It takes work, discipline and something that is pursued diligently. It is the state our Lord wants us to achieve in all things.

It’s human to want. It’s human to feel self-pity, to compare our circumstances to others. To be anxious. To worry about the future. We must give these things to God. By doing this we free ourselves from doubt and anxiety and replacing that unrest with thanksgiving.

Pray to God and tell him your needs, even though he already knows your heart’s desire. Relax in your faith that you are exactly where you need to be. Let this alone bring you peace. This peace that passes all understanding, will keep your heart and mind in Christ.

The more you practice, the easier it is to get to this place.
It is what God wants for us all – regardless of what is happening in our lives.
Rest in knowing God will work out His Will in your life.

And know HIS Will is perfect and so is his timing!

Watch the whole ES Chamber Prayer service here:

Blessings to You,

Mayor Karin Wilson

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