Hurricane Nate Update, 10/7/17, 4:30pm

Dear Citizens,

Voluntary Curfew Strongly Encouraged:

This is a serious storm with an expected storm surge of up to 8ft.

The Shelter of Last Resort is now open. The Baldwin County Coliseum has been activated as a temporary 24-hour shelter. Pack only personal items and medication for this time-frame.

Utilities: 251.928.8003 or email 

Customers should report utility outages, low water pressure, water leaks or sewer problems to the number and email provided.  Leave a short description of the problem with name, address and phone number. Operators will monitor the calls and we will be mobilizing crews when conditions are safe to respond. Please do NOT call the police department.  

Please remove and/or bring in garbage cans and small items.  This is another reason to stay off the roads due to flying objects.

For consistency, we will be sharing information from BCEMA and encourage you to follow their FaceBook for your up-date info.


Sat, 6:10pm –   Hwy 1 Limited Water: 

The significant damage to piers that caused problems with our water system during Ivan were on the stretch of County Road 1. They planned to isolate that section of the water system to protect the integrity of the entire water system based on historical data.

The storm projections for landfall further west than when we first announced our plan to shut off all water on County Road 1. After further evaluation late this afternoon, we are now going to use the valves to limit the volume of water through this section of the system so any leaks from storm damage will not drain the entire water system.

The City of Fairhope is prepared. Please be safe!

Mayor Karin Wilson

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